Artist Statement

I believe that we should always remember how connected we are with others, with nonhuman living beings, and the world that we inhabit. In her poem, Lines in the Mind, Not in the World, Donella Meadows reminds us of this interconnectedness—that the boundaries and distinctions we made in this world are arbitrary and ephemeral. I believe that art is a potent way of communicating this idea.


My art practice is antidisciplinary and process-based. I’m interested in how we move in space and the social interactions afforded by the art-making process. I also incorporate my background in education and design, collaborating with practitioners from different fields (i.e. performance, geography, and community development) in creating participatory art-based projects for different communities. I also apply research, gamification, and systems analysis in my work.


I view art holistically—seeking alternative systems that are grounded to my reality, and rooted in culture and history. Philippine precolonial art is highly social, antidisciplinary, and serves a purpose in daily and spiritual life—so I strive to be informed by this, using my art practice to create more connected futures.


CV (23/2/2021)